Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AWS General Questions

What is the AWS CDK?

Clusterless relies on the AWS CDK to create AWS Cloudformation templates. The AWS CDK is a software development framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code and provisioning it through AWS CloudFormation service. It offers a high-level object-oriented abstraction to define AWS resources.

Unlike Hashicorp’s Terraform, the AWS CDK does not store any state locally. Instead, it uses the AWS Cloudformation service to manage state and resources.

What resources does Clusterless create in my AWS account?

Depending on project configuration and the components used, Clusterless will create the following resources:

  • AWS S3 buckets to store all metadata.

  • AWS EventBridge queue and rules to trigger Lambda functions.

  • AWS Step Functions to orchestrate arc workloads.

  • AWS Lambda functions to handle API requests and run arc workloads.

  • AWS Fargate resources to run arc workloads.

None of these resource incur any cost when not in use, except for the S3 buckets which will incur a small cost for storage when there are no active workloads.

How do I delete an AWS resources created by Clusterless?

The cls destroy command will remove the current project and all resources created (unless they are configured to be retained on destroy).

Alternatively, you can use the AWS console to delete resources manually. The AWS resources created by Clusterless are deployed in CloudFormation stacks with names prefixed with the project name.