Type: aws:core:cloudWatchExport


Export CloudWatch logs to S3.


Periodically will extract a CloudWatch log group to an S3 bucket, under a prefix.

interval: Fourths|Sixth|Twelfths|etc
    (Future versions will support rates and cron expressions.)

logGroupName: string
    The name of the log group to export. e.g '/aws/lambda/my-lambda'

logStreamPrefix: string (optional)
    The prefix of the log streams to export.

bucketRef: string (optional, see below)
    The reference to the bucket created in this project to export to, created by `aws:core:s3Bucket`.

pathURI: an s3 URI
    The destination URI to export to.
    Use `s3:///prefix` or `/prefix` so that he bucketRef value is used for the bucket name.

    If a bucket name is given in the URI, the bucket must allow '' permission
    for 's3:GetBucketAcl'.



  "type" : "aws:core:cloudWatchExport",
  "name" : null,
  "interval" : null,
  "logGroupName" : null,
  "pathURI" : null


  "type" : "aws:core:cloudWatchExport",
  "name" : null,
  "exclude" : false,
  "interval" : null,
  "logGroupName" : null,
  "logStreamPrefix" : null,
  "bucketRef" : null,
  "pathURI" : null,
  "runtimeProps" : {
    "memorySizeMB" : 1024,
    "retryAttempts" : 3,
    "timeoutMin" : 15,
    "architecture" : "ARM_64"