Type: aws:core:s3PutListenerBoundary


A boundary that listens for S3 Put events and publishes an availability event for the dataset.


This boundary listens for put events against the specified bucket and key prefix.

If events arrive frequently in an interval, change the eventArrival to "frequent", this will
cause the boundary to emit an availability event after the end of every interval regardless of
available put events. If no put events are found, the dataset manifest status for the lot interval
will be set to "empty".

lotUnit: Fourths|Sixth|Twelfths|etc
    the interval of a lot, see documentation for supported intervals

eventArrival: infrequent|frequent
    expected frequency of event arrivals
    infrequent is once per interval and frequent more than once per interval

infrequent.lotSource: objectModifiedTime|eventTime
    objectModifiedTime will use the last modified time of the object
    eventTime will use the time the event was received by the listener

infrequent.enableEventBridge: true|false
    true will enable event bridge on the bucket
    if the bucket was not declared with eventBridgeNotification enabled, it must be set here

frequent.queueFetchWaitSec: seconds
    The duration (in seconds) for which the call waits for a message to arrive in the queue
    before returning. If a message is available, the call returns sooner than WaitTimeSeconds.
    If no messages are available and the wait time expires, the call returns successfully with an
    empty list of messages.
    It is recommended to leave this value at zero (0).

For frequently arriving events, all paths are collected until the end of the interval, except those
paths that do not pass the filter, if given. The filter is a list of include and exclude patterns.

- ? matches one character
- * matches zero or more characters
- ** matches zero or more directories in a path

A common exclude pattern would be '**/_*'. This would exclude all files that start with an underscore,
like '_SUCCESS' or '_metadata'.

frequent.filter.includes: A list of include patterns.
    Default is '**'.
frequent.filter.excludes: A list of exclude patterns.
frequent.filter.pathSeparator: The path separator to use when matching patterns.
    Default is '/'.
frequent.filter.ignoreCase: Whether to ignore case when matching patterns.
    Default is false.



  "type" : "aws:core:s3PutListenerBoundary",
  "name" : null,
  "dataset" : {
    "name" : null,
    "version" : null,
    "pathURI" : null
  "lotUnit" : null,
  "eventArrival" : "infrequent"


  "type" : "aws:core:s3PutListenerBoundary",
  "name" : null,
  "exclude" : false,
  "dataset" : {
    "name" : null,
    "version" : null,
    "pathURI" : null
  "lotUnit" : null,
  "eventArrival" : "infrequent",
  "runtimeProps" : {
    "memorySizeMB" : 1024,
    "retryAttempts" : 3,
    "timeoutMin" : 15,
    "architecture" : "ARM_64"
  "infrequent" : {
    "lotSource" : "objectModifiedTime",
    "enableEventBridge" : false
  "frequent" : {
    "queueFetchWaitSec" : 0
  "filter" : {
    "includes" : [ ],
    "excludes" : [ ],
    "pathSeparator" : "/",
    "ignoreCase" : false